How to Achieve Your Home Buying Goals in this Market


If you are ready to buy a home and have been waiting for the past couple of years due to the pandemic, right now might be the best time if not earlier. 

Although the amount of homes on the market is not up to where it needs to be and there are still more buyers than homes, the active homes for sale have increased this year.

The more homes that come onto the market means better chances of you finding a home that checks off all or most of your boxes! You might still have to put in an offer above the asking price to help compete with the other possible offers that come in, but with the amount of homes available slowly increasing, it might start to get a tad bit easier in the house hunting game.

Now you might be thinking that the number of homes available means that more homes are entering the market but that is not the full truth. Buyers are actually starting to slow down because of the rising interest rates but if you are in the situation where you can deal with where the interest rates are now, go ahead and buy!

This will not only help the market balance out a little bit, but your chances of actually finding a home that fits your wants and needs will be easier.

You still might have to compromise on a few things but hopefully the process won’t go by in the snap of a finger and you will have some time to breathe during all of it.

Make sure to do your search beforehand and find the right real estate agent for you!