How To Keep Your New Home Clutter-Free After Moving


If you are about to move into a new home and you want to make sure your home stays nice and neat after unpacking, here are a few ways to ensure that.

Looking at all your moving boxes may seem like a daunting task and clutter seems to be inevitable, but if you take it one step at a time, it is possible for your home to remain clutter-free.

This all starts before you physically move into your new home. Getting rid of unwanted and unused items before moving will help you declutter. Moving is like a fresh start and you want your home to be filled with items that you utilize so it is the perfect opportunity to get rid of things.

Once everything is boxed up and in your new home, put the boxes into their designated rooms where the items will be in. This will help organize and you are not left with kitchen or bathroom boxes in your hallway or living room. Start by unpacking room by room and finish unpacking a certain room before moving onto the next. Of course, make sure you unpack the essentials like kitchenware, bathroom items, and bedding if you need to.

While you are unpacking, you can still go through each item to make sure you still want it or not. Going through everything again is a good idea just in case there were items you were unsure of getting rid of. This will ensure that you are weeding through thoroughly.

Nothing must be perfect when you first unpack everything, like your clothes. Your first objective is to just get those boxes out of the way, so you aren’t living in a box castle and walking in a maze. You can hang your clothes up and put them in your dresser and then go back to organize later.

You want to make sure everything has a place, if it doesn’t, instead of making several junk drawers, decide what you want to keep and throw away the rest. Organizing each cabinet or drawer throughout your whole house is a daunting task but you want to make sure you know where things have so organized them by what kind of item they are and keep the same kind of item together with the rest.

Moving into a new home might leave you confused on where things are for a while, so it is a good idea to stick to one place until you decide if you like it or not, so you are not running around your whole house trying to find one simple item.

After reading all of this, you should be in a good place of trying to keep your new home free of clutter.