What To Explore For a Day of Fun in Philadelphia


Are you looking for a fun day in the sun in Philadelphia? Well, luckily for you, there are numerous things to do in the city and in the surrounding areas for you and your friends and family to enjoy.

Fun And Games

To start off for a whole day of fun in just one area, take a trip to the Blue Cross Riverrink Summerfest for roller skating, mini golf, arcade games, rides, and food and drinks. There is fun for the whole family and for all ages here. While the kids are playing the games, the adults can go relax and drink some beer. Admittance into the Summerfest is free, but the activities are pay as you go!

Wanting to spend a night in the open air and under the stairs of Philadelphia with family and friends? Enjoy outdoor movie nights in several places throughout the city including at Navy Yard and in the Schuylkill Banks.

Live Music

There are an abundance of summer concerts going on so if you are ready to take the plunge from over a year without live music, go ahead! For outdoor concerts check out The Mann and TD Center. Venues are gradually opening to concerts indoors this summer starting with The Met, with TLA starting in July, Union Transfer in August, and Franklin Music Hall in September. Speaking of concerts, Jay-Z’s Made in American festival returns September 4 and 5 with a weekend full of live music from some of the hottest artists on the charts.

Wawa Welcome America returns this summer with their 4th of July celebration with a few weeks full of free events from June 19-July 4 that include free museum admission, movie nights, Wawa Hoagie Day, and a huge outdoor concert.

Interesting Experiences

If you are looking to spend a couple of hours in a museum that is Instagram picture worthy, the Neon Museum of Philadelphia and a wonderful immersive art experience at Wonderspaces will do you just fine! Take some friends or enjoy an afternoon by yourself to fully appreciate and take in the beauty of these art exhibits. For a more traditional museum experience, check out the Philadelphia Museum of Art to explore their newest galleries.

Are you looking for a spookier experience? Take a trip to the Eastern State Penitentiary for either a daytime or nighttime tour. Explore crumbling cell blocks like Al Capone’s cell and empty guard towers for a day or night full of haunting experiences. If you are up for it, enjoy a beer at Triple Bottom Brewing Company at the prison’s Fair Chance Beer Garden.


If you are one for an adventure outdoors, there are an abundance of parks, trails, and water to get your adventure on. Fairmount Park is Philly’s largest park, and you can hike, tour, and kayak throughout the park. This Park has everything you could think of for your inner adventurer. Another great place to kayak is at Penn’s Landing but you also can rent a canoe, a swan shaped boat, and a dragon shaped boat to explore the city from the water.

Wissahickon Park is also a great place to hike if you are in the walking outdoor type of mood. There are plenty of trails ranging from different lengths for you and your family and friends to enjoy on a beautiful day off.

Wrapping Up

 There is an abundance of activities to do this summer in the wonderful city of Philadelphia. Come on, come all, and enjoy what this city has to offer. There are activities for everyone from a little toddler to your grandparents. What activity will you do?

Seller’s Leverage in Today’s Market


In a competitive seller’s market, like the one we are currently in, sellers usually have more leverage when negotiating with buyers. The sellers of a house have more power in these types of situations because homes are flying on and off the market at a record pace.

There are simply not enough houses for sale to keep up with the number of buyers. Sales are still increasing each month, but the number of available homes is steadily decreasing.

The leverage between sellers and buyers in this sense is the seller’s ability to award or eliminate costs in order to actually sell their home. Sellers have immense power in this market to influence buyers to move more on their side in the process. Sellers also have the ability to receive more benefits and eliminate costs on their end. Another advantage for sellers right now is to possibly sell their home for more than it would be worth in a far more normal market because buyers are desperate since inventory is low.

The trend of buyers who are being outbid by others is sitting at 40%. Being outbid by others is one of the biggest reasons people have not been able to find a home. The other reasons why people are not able to buy homes usually consist of not finding a home they can afford, having features that they want or need, or not finding a home in a neighborhood they would like. All of these scenarios have been decreasing significantly over the last few years but being outbid by others is increasing.

There are buyers out there offering all cash offers for a home which in the eyes of a seller, is the quickest and easiest way to sell their home. Others are waiving contingencies for a smoother selling process. You could put in an offer on a house that is $20,000 over asking price but be outbid by someone putting in an offer significantly larger than that. This is just how the market is going right now.

Buyers are buying a home right now to just buy a home, buy now before prices continue to rise, and to take advantage of record low mortgage rates. But, with numerous offers on just one home, the sellers have the ability to leverage with the buyers to weed out and find the right potential buyer for their situation.

If you need help finding ways to make a deal with a seller or you are wanting to make sure your offer is good enough, contact a local real estate agent.