How to Tend to A Garden


Gardening is a pastime that has been around for ages. Tending to your land and adding plants not only makes your home more inviting but gives you a sense of happiness.

There are a lot of things about your home that you may not be able to change with the snap of your finger and without spending a lot of money, but gardening is one activity that will change your home more than you may think. You can always change up your garden, moving plants to other places and putting in new ones where you think they may look better. Gardening is something that just keeps going on and on.

The first step for putting a garden in is to find a place in your yard, whether it’s the front yard or backyard, that you will see on a daily basis. Being able to see your garden will entice you to work on it more often instead of doing it once and forgetting about it. Before figuring out a place for your garden, inspect your yard to find the best places with the most sunlight. Sunlight is key to most plants. Along with placement of your garden, make sure you are able to run a hose to water the plants. Just like humans, plants need water and sunlight to thrive.

Plants need space to grow into. With that in mind, the plants you choose should be able to have enough space to fully grow. You can always carefully replant if there isn’t enough room, or you decide another place for them later.

Not only do you have to majorly consider where the physical plants should go, but make sure you buy soil that is rich in nutrients for them to be healthy and grow well. If you do not have that much room in the ground itself, consider using containers and pots for your plants. Many edible plants grow well in containers and pots outside of the ground.

Do your research to find out what types of plants grow and survive the best in your climate. You want to make sure the climate isn’t too hot but also isn’t too cold for your specific plants. Knowing your frost dates is essential so you do not freeze your plants and grow them in times of the year they are destined to die in. If you do want to keep a garden during the colder months, keep an indoor garden in a garage or another indoor space. This is also a way to keep plants alive by moving them inside before the first frost.

When choosing what plants to put in your garden, take a walk through your local garden center and see what sticks out to you. Did your eyes immediately go to a certain flower or vegetable? Did your eyes light up when thinking about a certain tree or brightly colored tulip? If so, do you research on how to tend to that specific plant and start the journey. You can either buy seeds or seedlings to plant, whichever you are more comfortable with and go from there.

Like humans, plants need to be nourished and fed as well. Invest in some plant food and after a few weeks, begin to feed your plants to help them grow and survive.

Remember to slow down and breathe when tending to your plants. This type of activity is not meant to be rushed but to be enjoyed. Take care of your garden and plants like they are your own.