Tips on How to Get Your Home Ready for Summer


With the summer season approaching fast and temperatures starting to climb, it’s time to get your home ready for the warmer months ahead. Getting ahead and starting preparations on your home for the summer early will improve the efficiency of your home and potentially save you money that would otherwise burn holes in your pockets.

Clean Your Gutters

The gutters on your home can be filled with leaves and other debris that could block and/or damage them. If your gutters are clogged, it may lead to water damage within your home so carefully clean out your gutters to avoid potential damage. Next time it rains, check for leaks and if there are any, patch them up.

Clean Walkway and Driveway

To spruce up the outside of your home, pressure-wash your walkway to get rid of any dirt and unwanted stains. If you have a brick walkway, replace any damaged bricks if need be, for safety and aesthetic reasons. If you have a concrete walkway, fill in any cracks with crack filler that matches the color of your walkway.

Prep and Clean Windows

Check your windows for any cracks and caulk any gaps in the framing. Doing this will ensure that hot air will stay outside, and your cool air conditioning air will stay inside where it should be. Check to make sure your windows open and close properly. To clean your windows, use a vinegar-ammonia mixture first and then water only. Use a squeegee to properly dry without leaving streaks.

Inspect Your Roof

If you are able to, hop on a ladder and climb up to your roof or stand back on your lawn with a pair of binoculars and inspect for any damage or missing/cracked shingles. If there is any damage, call a roofing company to come and fix your roof so you don’t have to worry about potential water damage.

 Refresh or Update Outdoor Furniture

It’s time to take those covers off your outdoor furniture or take them out of storage. Dust the tables and chairs off and inspect the furniture for any needed repairs. If your old outdoor furniture is beyond repair or you are looking to refresh your outdoor living space, replace your outdoor furniture all together for a whole new summer look!

Spruce Up Your Front Door

Splash some color onto your front door by hanging decorative elements. Planting some inviting flowers or simply putting potted flowers by your front door will give the front of your house a warm and inviting sense to it during the summer months. While you are sprucing up the front door, make sure to check for and caulk any gaps and tighten the hinges with a screwdriver.

Spruce Up the Exterior of Your Home

Inspect your home for any chipped paint or broken shingles/sidings. Power wash the outside of your home if mildew and dirt has accumulated. If the paint job is minor, only fix the portions that are chipped or peeling. If the paint job is major and all over, a full repaint or repair may be necessary.


Summer is quickly approaching and to ensure your home is aesthetically pleasing and working properly and efficiently, follow these tasks as much as you can. Hire a professional for most if you can afford it. Start on these tasks now so your home is ready for summer!