How to Prepare for This Home Buying Season


As we get ready for the warmer weather, the home buying market will likely stay hot.

It may go without saying but, buying a home during COVID-19 has changed the way many of the typical processes go including touring a home, virtual signings, and more. Staying up to date and knowing what to expect when buying a home during a pandemic is vital to make sure there are no bumps in the road.

Sight unseen purchases will likely keep happening because buyers are for the most part, forced to make quick and on the spot decisions about their potential new home. The market is so hot right now where the only way some buyers have seen their house before making an offer is through virtual tours and photos.

Sight unseen purchases are much easier nowadays with the ability to have the detailed photos and 3D renderings than in the past. These types of purchases are usually risky for the most part but to ensure that nothing is wrong with the place that can’t be seen in photos, hire a home inspector and get a home appraisal.

Although you may be able to tour a home in person, virtual home tours will still remain available. Drone shots of the property and 3D walk through layouts are still going to be very popular throughout this home buying season because it allows ways for people to explore the home at anytime from anywhere.

With virtual home tours continuing, in person tours will most likely remain by appointment only to not only keep contact down, but to merely weed out the curious people who are not serious about buying the home and just want to simply explore. This will help real estate agents and potential buyers know who is potentially planning on putting in an offer and if it is going to end in a bidding war or not.

Even though in person home tours are available, try to limit contact as much as possible and limit being in person to the homes that you are serious about.

Although there seems to be a light at the end of a very dark tunnel in the real world and real estate world, many of the new steps and processes are very likely to stay. COVID-19 has taught everyone that technology has adapted to every way of life and if it makes an older process much easier, then you should adapt it permanently.