Virtual Home-Buying: Do’s and Don’ts of Sight Unseen Purchases


The pandemic changed all ways of life in the last year, including how homes are toured and bought.

Real estate changed in all kinds of ways. People were buying homes without ever stepping foot in the door until it was all theirs. Yes, this seems absolutely crazy pre pandemic, but this seems to be the new normal.

The only sight that they had of the home would be pictures and a possible virtual tour online. All of the paperwork was done using a digital signing website like DocuSign and all conversations were had over the phone or possibly zoom.

You could possibly enter your sight unseen home after buying with no problems at all or you could walk into a whole house full of issues.

Ask Questions

The process of buying a home virtually instead of in person is a lot more meticulous. More questions have to be asked and answered, even the most basic questions because you may not be able to see for yourself if there is a specific feature or possible issue in the home. If questions are not asked, you may walk into your new home to unexpectedly find problems that were not discussed.

Use Technology to the Fullest

When looking for and buying a home strictly virtual and online, technology is your best friend in this process.

With the times we are currently in utilizing features on your phone or laptop will go a long way. Corresponding over email or texts will not get you very far when you need to actually see the space.

People may not be able to fully tour their new or prospective home so virtual tours online using a specific platform or even Facetime tours with your agent, will help smooth the process. It may seem silly to jump on a video call with your agent to see your space over the phone, but it could give you a more personal feel to the whole process than just seeing it in pictures.

Hire a Great Real Estate Agent

To ensure you are getting the right and best information about a property and the surrounding area, hire a great local real estate agent.

Your agent is your eyes and ears with this whole process. Making sure you have the right person for you and for what you are looking for, do some research into real estate agents around the area and look at what they specialize in and client reviews.

Getting an Appraisal and a Home Inspection

According to an article on, calling in experts when buying a home sight unseen is extremely necessary. When you cannot tour the home yourself, bringing in an expert to tell you just how many repairs need to be done is important. You do not want to buy the home and walk into a house that desperately needs repairs. Trust your gut and hire someone to take a walk through the house to see what needs to be done and what doesn’t.

Buying a house sight unseen may seem difficult but when you take time and do the right steps, the process will go a lot smoother than expected.