Remote Work: How the Coronavirus is Changing The Way of Living



With the pandemic still on the rise, remote work has been the way of living for many people in the world. Kitchen tables and bedrooms have turned to offices. Walls and windows with wonderful views have turned into zoom backgrounds. 

Who would have thought that working from home constantly would change the way we feel about it. Working from home used to be a luxury so you could get out of the office every once in a while but now people are begging to be back in the office. 

Not only has remote work and the pandemic changed the way of business life for many but it has also changed where people want to live. As an article published by pointed out,  certain demographics may pull away from living in the cities such as families with children but the younger generations with ambitions will pop up and start to push towards living in cities. 

The suburban style of living will benefit from this as well when families are looking to live the simplistic life with more amenities for working from home. This pandemic will push people away but draw others in.

Remote work will allow people to choose locations to live that otherwise would not make sense or be possible due to the demand of their job. If someone wanted to move to a different location or even climate but couldn’t because of their job, there is a good chance now if their job is remote, they are able to move to their desired location.

According to the National Association of Realtors, homebuyers are looking for different criteria than they would have before. Office space is often a request in the form of an additional bedroom, basement, or extra room. 

With the booming of remote work, workers could potentially have less stress about whether they may have to move or not due to their job relocating. This may cause people to set down more roots in the location they are currently living in or move somewhere, by their own choice, that they have always dreamed.

If your job has moved to remote work or you are looking for remote work, think about where you may want to set down roots and then find a great real estate agent to help you.


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