The Rise of Virtual Business Techniques




With the Coronavirus pandemic comes the rise of virtual business. All types of businesses have had to resort to switching to online for many reasons, including the real estate world. In normal times, buying a house or selling a house would require countless hours and days of in person meetings and open houses but with a pandemic crashing on us, all of those processes have had to go virtual.

New Techniques

Signing formal documents and contracts have been put online using DocuSign. Open houses have been converted into virtual home tours where you can explore them online with sophisticated software such as Matterport

As we get further into this pandemic and we become more comfortable with virtual business, companies are putting more and more of their business online. With selling or buying a home online, a person will have to sign major contracts and documents virtually or potentially make a decision to start the process of buying a home just from seeing a 3D virtual model of their home. This is a wild concept to get comfortable with when we, as human beings, are used to human contact and face to face communication.

Hire a Great Real Estate Agent

The process may look a little different when exploring options to buy a home but the main aspect that is very important is a great real estate agent to put your trust in. They are the ones who will know the property the best, even if you cannot physically take a tour of the property. The real estate agents are the ones who are going to make sure everything is up to par and that there are no issues. 

According to an article by The New York Times, buyers and sellers might end up being more comfortable with virtual transactions with real estate in the end. These kinds of tech solutions might be here to stay even after the pandemic is over. DocuSign has made signing documents easier than before, clients are even able to sign documents on their phone while they are on the go. 

The Take Away

Every business has had to adjust to the new ever changing “normal” that is every day business but virtual business techniques will be here to stay.

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